• Date: 1 January, 2017
  • Location: Upper West Side
  • Project Type: Historic Restoration
The Project

We worked with our favorite historic window restorer to give these beautiful, and irreplaceable, casement and center hinged windows new life. The frames and sashes were carefully removed, repaired and reconstructed as needed to restore full operability, a tight weather seal and allow for new sound dampening glass.

The Approach

We determined that restoration was the best course of action for these windows given their current state and the cost, difficulty and compromise associated with replacement. We discussed historic details with the LPC and worked closely with the best window restorer to bring these windows back to life.

The Material

High grade mahogany was used and sweeps and gaskets were added for the best seal and long term performance. The glass was replaced with a laminated product for safety and to reduce noise. The historic cremone bolts, ring latches and hinges were removed, restored and re-installed along with the wood components.

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