• Date: January, 2020
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Project Type: Residential Combination
The Project

AMALGAM was asked to combine two bright industrial apartments in a new building in Brooklyn. We coordinated with structural engineer and interior designer to to achieve a serene and chic 4 bedroom apartment.

The Approach

The demising wall between the apartments was a concrete block bearing wall in this case, making this combination particularly difficult from a structural perspective. In keeping with the industrial aesthetic Amalgam worked in conjunction with the structural engineer to develop an exposed steel detail that looked as clean as possible and with a testing lab to monitor the application of the fire proof coating application. Amalgam also reviewed the design of the kitchen, dining and living spaces for space planning and functionality in conjunction with work done by the interior designer. During the construction Amalgam oversaw the construction and installation of the work.

The Material

Exposed concrete floors create a strong foundation to the space. A gray textural laminate cabinetry and a gorgeous leather finished gray stone backsplash create a calm and sophisticated low contrast material pallet of the space. The opening was achieved by an exposed steel lintel with a painted on fire proof coating to achieve the required fire rating in the structural wall.

Photo Credit

Caryn Leigh Photography

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