• Date: 16 November, 2017
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Project Type: Co-working Office
The Project

AMALGAM was asked to convert a 6,400 SF office suite into Co.Lab - a co-workign incubator space for start ups, growing small businesses and professionals who need expansion or temporary work space. Check it out at https://colab.one
Photo Credit: Crosby Dove and Justine Garver

The Approach

Amalgam used the existing shape and access to the space to define areas suitable for different work modes from open collaboration to private contemplation. As you enter the space the large conference room floats in the middle of the floor plate defining the reception and bustling open work area. As you go deeper into the space you find the kitchen and lounge area witch are the hub of collaboration and networking in the space. As you move further back around the corner you'll find smaller more subdued open desk areas, larger private offices and the smaller conference rooms. This variety of spaces allows Co.Lab members to choose the type of work environment that suits their needs thought the day and allows them to easily grow their business when needed.

The Material

The existing concrete floor and metal roof deck were exposed to create a strong foundation for authenticity and structure throughout the space. The Sliding Glass Door Company provided the glass partitions. The back wall of the kitchen is clad in reclaimed lumber that the owners salvaged from the restoration of homes around the area. The kitchen counters are Pentel Quartz and custom made blackened steel plate.

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